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The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine the level of impact the training you recently attended has had on you, and/or your organization.  In order to ensure we fund training that is beneficial to the community, we need your input.  Please take a few minutes to complete this short form.  Your frank and honest answers will give us sufficient information to make changes if warranted or continue to provide those sessions that mean the most to you. 

Please select your reaction to questions 1 through 7 from the dropdown at each question. For item 8, provide feedback as clearly and openly as appropriate.  When complete, select the 'SUBMIT' button below to send your responses and to generate a valuable coupon toward future trainings.


Ř           Strongly Disagree (SD)

Ř           Disagree (D)

Ř           Neither Disagree/Agree (N)

Ř           Agree (A)

Ř           Strongly Agree (SA)

Ř           Choose NA if the item is not applicable


   Select a CSC training.  

  1. I am using the knowledge I obtained in this training.  

  2. I am using the new skills I learned in this training.  

  3. I am using the materials I received in this training.  

  4. This training has helped me improve my job performance.  

  5. This training has improved our agency.  

  6. I have recommended this training to others.  

  7. Overall, I am satisfied with this CSC sponsored training.  

  8. How has your organization been improved? 

  Date Entered: 4/13/2024